Nicole Leopardo





Nicole Leopardo is a lecturer of Race and Resistance Studies at San Francisco State University (SFSU). At SFSU, Nicole teaches critical thinking, focusing on the basic skills involved in understanding, deconstructing, and creating sound arguments using materials and theoretical concepts that center people of color. Nicole received her undergraduate degree in Political Science, along with minors in Black Studies and Business Communication from University of California, Santa Barbara. Nicole went on to receive a Master’s degree in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University, with distinguished achievement.

Nicole’s Master’s thesis, Food Rituals: An Entree into Multiracial Family Culture, looks at the role of food rituals in multiracial families, and ways in which individual and group multiracial identity is constructed as a result of these familial rituals. Nicole enjoys cooking, running through San Francisco, and a good conversation.

Courses taught:

Ethnic Studies 110