Guiding Rage into Power: Restoring from the Insight-Out

Date and Time: 
Monday, October 26, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:15pm
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Bernard Moss Mr. Moss is a Peacemaker, expert in violence prevention, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. He is a son, a proud father of 6 and grandfather of 8. Bernard was one of the first to go through and graduate the Guiding Rage Into Power Program at San Quentin State Prison. After he graduated he went on to facilitate three GRIP groups inside. He was granted parole after 28 years and currently facilitates GRIP at two of our state prisons.  Currently, Mr. Moss is an Agent of Change, Facilitator Trainer and Core-Staff at the GRIP Training Institute.  TOPIC: Toxic masculinity: Unlearning gender-role belief systems and toxic masculinity. Healing and transformation beyond walls.

Lucía de la Fuente

Dr. Lucía de la Fuente, works as the Program Manager at the GRIP Training Institute. She leads the Spanish-speaking GRIP program, exclusively designed for our Latino/Chicano community behind bars. For the past decade, she has focused her research on Restorative Justice and the PIC, and began working with incarcerated Latino/Chicano women and men in California seven years ago. She is a prison reform advocate and activist, and her work focuses on fighting for equal distribution and access to legal, human, civil, and social resources, regardless one’s citizenship status, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, level of education, economic situation, and spiritual practice.

TOPIC: Mass incarceration, race and class: Targeting and punishing people of color and poor communities through mass incarceration.

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