Class of 2021

Aldo Pizano would like to thank his family, friends and all the people who have helped him on this path.
Janine Padpad is sincerely thankful to her village.
Eliana Hernandez so grateful to have graduated within the RRS Major in the College of Ethnic Studies.
Hannah Lomax gratitude for the RRS department, her professors, and her classmates is truly immeasurable.
Kristal Osorio says, "Serve the People!"
Alicia Manzano would first like to thank her parents and family for being her number one supporters.
Athea-Marin Santos is definitely looking forward to what's ahead of her, and she hope to continue doing the work of giving back to the community.
Alondra Esquivel Garcia wants to thank  her family and friends for being the most amazing support system a girl can ask.
Arasi Hamilton wants to say thank you to everyone who believed in her.
Melisa Garay Galindo excited and grateful to have graduated from RRS.
Tailua Manu entire educational journey has been her looking for spaces that recognized her community.
TaraLynn Ta'ala has joy and pride for making it to graduation.
Yoselin Rodriguez is excited to enter the "real world" and make a difference.
RRS Majors not Listed. Diego Bautista, Stephanie Gonzalez, and Marilyn Mota.
Ai Fry is honored to be the first in my family to attend and graduate as the class of 2021.
Amanda Rukasin is so unbelievably grateful for her last four years at SFSU!
Athziri Martinez is so excited to graduate and excited to see what the future holds for her!
Angela Rodas quotes Pele. " Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."
Baleria Barrera thanks her mother and father.
Bryanna Zuleta major is Sociology & Latina/Latino Studies.
Caity Rymel is anxious to be graduating during such an unsure time, but excited to enter the career and "real adult" world!
Cecilia Castaneda plans to incorporate my knowledge into her life and work by becoming a resource for her community through librarianship.
Erica Vasquez said, "Graduating not only for myself, but for those who came before me, those with me now, and those that will come after me."
Fatima Gutierrez to say thanks to her parents for their effort, love, and discipline.
Jemal  wants to move forward with strategies and find amicable solutions to the issues.
Honna Afzal is blessed to have met many incredible people during her two years at SFSU and know those connections will last a lifetime!
Jontae Henry would like to thank everyone who has supported her along the way.
Katherine Burgos is excited to have accomplished her studies but sad to say goodbye to the friends she made.
Kaylee Bokeh would like to thank her amazing family and friends for all their love and support!
Kaylah Breiz would like to thank RRS department for filling her undergraduate years with transformational and healing lessons along with an extremely supportive community.
Laurin Lovato Romero would like to thank her mother and father for all the support and love they have given her throughout these 4 years.
Maria Guadalupe said, "These past 4 years at SFSU were some of the best years of my life! I met so many amazing people and learned so much!"
Melchor Bongato is so happy to finally be graduating from SFSU! After taking a two-year break, coming back to finish his undergraduate degree feels amazing.
Mariela Cisneros is thankful for her time at SF state and excited for her new journey ahead.
Mina Hernandez would like to thank her parents for their unconditional support throughout her educational journey and their encouragement for her pursue her passions.
Natalie Herrera is proud to say that she broke generational cycles and graduated college with a boyfriend, a beauty baby girl, and a family, still being prouder than ever!
Raquel Aceves would like to thank her family, friends and professors for making this a memorable experience!
Nickel Rivera said, "If there's anything that RRS has taught me, it is to continue to study our history from the people by the people."
Sadik Twal is sad that his college journey ended this way-in a pandemic-but, like the great Max Holloway once said: it is what it is! Congratulations everyone. Let's go kill it out there!!!
Shantel U is grateful to have had this opportunity at SFSU, and will really miss her time in SF.
Shawnee Sample wants to give a big shout out to my dad I miss you. Couldn't do this without you.
Wencie Hoang wants to thank to her family, friends, the School of Cinema, the College of Ethnic Studies, the College of Liberal & Creative Arts, and her incredible mentors for all of their guidance and support.
2021 RRS honoring Minors List
Janelle Coronada quoted Snoop Doggs I want to thank me speech.
Amalia Laventure is entering into the last semester for the BA/MA program in Ethnic Studies, she hope to embody the love that has been imparted to her through this program.
Briauna Guerrero is grateful for her maternal grandparents for the opportunity to go to school.
Elia Wee wants to thank Mikaela, Charlize, Lucy, Zack Snyder, and all the people who helped her get here!
Hannah Lomax gratitude for the RRS department, her professors, and her classmates is truly immeasurable.
Mari Champagne is grateful for my experience and am excited for the future!
Veronica Hernandez is thankful for friends and family who have supported her on her journey.
We'd also like to honor the following QES Minors.
Cassandra Fong is grateful for the Ethnic Studies program that allowed me to learn more about my culture and my people
Arasi Hamilton is a first gen student, and who is dedicated her degree to community.
FiaauLagi Tautolo said "Do yourself a favor and enjoy the journey even through the chaos, you'll find out at the end of the tunnel, it was never really that bad!"
Uhna Nauer is forever grateful for her family for being super supportive and continue to encourage her to push beyond her limits.
Tailua Manu entire educational journey has been her looking for spaces that recognized her community in its curriculum and staff and knowledge, where she could be herself.
Amy Ricky Rivera was provided her the tools, space, and community from RRS to further radicalize her politic and be grounded in third world liberation.
Jules Retzlaff was provided with the necessary tools and lessons from RRS for a lifelong dedication to the people's movement for freedom and justice.