Congratulations, RRS Class of 2020!

Ciana Olivia Adams said, "I hope to use what I've learned as an RRS minor to advocate for the needs of the people of color in urban planning."
Diana Argueta plans on using her degree go into the educational field.
Lesly Cecilia Argueta would like to keep learning and educate others on similar struggles we face in our education system, healthcare, and socioeconomic status.
Jenny Farroso  hopes to work with youth who have been affected by the juvenile justice system or by the foster care system with her RRS degree.
Kathleen Mae Alvarez Buban plans to utilize her RRS Minor through educating and reminding others that we have been resisting and fighting since the beginning of time.
 The department of RRS has prepared Isabella Canal to make a difference in my community.
Megan Carbajal plans to be part of dismantling and abolishing the school to prison pipeline in hopes to implement critical thinking and history of ethnic identities in public school curriculums.
Adriana Castillo will use her minor in RRS as a framework for her work in decolonizing outdoor education.
Alena Catherine Chavez got the tools from RRS to know that she will never stop fighting for a just world.
Melissa Cruz hopes to use her degree to give back to communities of color, by continuing to fight against the social inequalities we face in this country.
Jacqueline Galicia said "Con diligencia, integridad, y mucho amor planeo usar mi conocimiento para asistir en la transformación de mi comunidad de Woodland."
Andrea Jacqueline Gil said "RRS introduced me to an intersectional academia that allows students to define the nature of their education."
Diego Cihuacoatl Gomez said "I am deeply grateful for the existence of the College of Ethnic Studies and, most importantly, the RRS teaching faculty, for cultivating in its students the profound practice of belonging."
Randella Jones plans to earn my teaching credential for music at SF State next to become an elementary school music teacher.
Alexandra Lalama said "RRS has instilled in me to be resistant in the wake of complacency."
Genesis Jasmin Morales with a minor in Race and Resistance Studies, she hopes to use this to elevate students in under resourced communities.
Ashura Mujawashema learned so much about her people, all people, and herself within after graduating.
Karishama Kaushik Patadia plans on using her knowledge and skills that I've learned in this RRS department by writing stories, whether it be in print, audio, or visual journalism, around race in America.
Rachel Perry plans to use her RRS minor to continue to inspire me to do organizing work.
Ada Reyes is using her field of studies as a foundation to teach on past Liberation movements, so we can learn from and build upon further in our communities.
Maria Nathali Ildefonso Salas plans on serving a community much like my own.
Thea Jewel Terrado Soriano plans to use her major in RRS in my social work practice.
Selena Teferi plans to use her Bachelor's in RRS to support the advancement, success, and legacy of Black and Brown people.
Sone Yun. A Queer non-binary Lao/Korean who found a lot of hope and empowerment through RRS.
2020 Graduates who didn't not have pictures.