Minor Program

Minor Program

To see more information on the RRS minor program, view the requirements here.


RRS Minor Checklist

It is helpful to keep this as a cross reference while picking classes as a RRS minor in order to stay on track.

Introductory Courses

(Choose one: 3 units)

  • RRS 100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (GE: D1 - Social Sciences/SF State Studies - American Ethnic and Racial Minorities, Global Perspectives, Social Justice)
  • RRS 110 Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience (A3 – Critical Thinking/AERM)

Core Courses

(Choose one course from 3 of the following Core Sections: Total of 9 units)

Section A: History and Politics (Choose one)

  • RRS 240 All Power to the People: Comparative Freedom Movements of the Sixties (US HIST, D2: Social Sciences-US HIST / AERM, SJ)
  • RRS 250 Race, Ethnicity, and Power in America (D3: Social Sciences, USGOV / AERM, SJ) 
  • RRS 276 Race, Activism, and Climate Justice (B2: Life Science & AERM, SJ, Global Perspectives, Environmental Sustainability)
  • RRS 350 Race, Labor, and Class Struggle
  • RRS 410 / SOC 410 Grassroots Organizing for Change in Communities of Color (UD -D: Social Sciences/AERM, SJ) 
  • RRS 435 National Security & Racialization of Arabs/Muslims in N. America (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ, GP)
  • RRS 520 Race, Radicalism, and Revolution
  • RRS 600 / HIST466 History of U.S. People of Color (UD-D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ) 
  • RRS 620 Colonialism, Imperialism and Resistance (UD-D: Social Sciences / GP, SJ)


Section B: Popular Culture, Literature, and the Arts (Choose one) 

  • RRS 280 Race, Gender, and Science Fiction (C3: Humanities, Literature / AERM) 
  • RRS 285 Race, Sports, and Society (D1: Social Sciences / AERM)
  • RRS 290 Sounds of Resistance: Race, Rhythm, Rhyme, and Revolution
  • RRS 295 Race, Art, and Creative Resistance (C1: Arts / AERM, SJ)
  • RRS 360 Cultural Dialogues and Ethnic Literature (UD-C: Arts and/or Humanities / AERM) 
  • RRS 430 Arab Media Images in America (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ, GP) 
  • RRS 433 Pacific Islanders in Film: Re-Presenting Oceania through an Indigenous Lens
  • RRS 450 / ARAB 450 Contemporary Arabic and Arab American Literature (UD-C: Arts and/or Humanities / SJ) 
  • RRS 480 Youth Culture, Race and Resistance (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ) 
  • RRS 490 Race, Art, and Social Justice


Section C: Gender and Sexuality (Choose one)

  • RRS 260 Introduction to Arab and Arab American Feminisms (GP, SJ) 
  • RRS 304 Decolonize Your Diet!: Food Justice and Gendered Labor in Communities of Color
  • RRS 375 Queer Arabs in the US (SJ)
  • RRS 380 Coloring Queer: Imagining Communities (UD-C: Arts and/or Humanities / AERM)
  • LTNS 410 Seminar on Gender and Latinas/os (when taught by Dr. Catriona Esquibel / RRS Faculty) 
  • RRS 571 Women, Race, and Class (UD-C: Arts and/or Humanities / AERM, SJ, GP, ES) 
  • RRS 640 / SXS 640 Race and Sexual Migration
  • RRS 645 / SXS 645 Sex and the City 


Section D: Diasporas and Transnationalism (Choose one)

  • RRS 370 Islamophobia (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ, GP)
  • RRS 420 Arab American Identity: Memory and Resistance (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ, GP) 
  • RRS 566 / WGS 566 Gender and Modernity in the Muslim and Arab Worlds (AERM, SJ, GP) 
  • RRS 630 Palestine: Ethnic Studies Perspective (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ, GP) 
  • RRS 635 Diasporas and (Trans)nationalism
  • RRS 657 South Asian Diaspora (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ, GP)


Community Service Learning/Community Engagement

(Choose one from below, or as 1 to 3 CSL units attached to any course listed in the minor.)

  • AAS 688 Asian American Community Service Internship
  • AFRS 694 Community Service Learning
  • AIS 694 Community Service Learning
  • LTNS 694 Community Service Learning
  • RRS 410 Grassroots Organizing for Change in Communities of Color (note: fulfilling this requirement with RRS 410 only counts for 3 units, not 6)
  • RRS 694 Community Service Learning: Praxis in Race and Resistance Studies


Ethnic Specific Courses

(Choose one on advisement: 3 units)

  • Choose from AAS, AFRS, AIS, AMED or LTNS Department 


Elective Courses

(Choose one from below or any course from above: 3 units) 

  • RRS 101 Introduction to Arab and Muslim Communities (C2: Humanities / AERM, SJ) 
  • RRS 103 Introduction to Pacific Studies (D2: Social Sciences: US Hist/AERM, GP, SJ)
  • RRS 255 Voices in Exile: Arab and Muslim Americans and Civil Liberties, Post 9-11 (D1: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ, GP) 
  • RRS 303 Health and Wellness among Pacific Islanders (UD-B: Physical Life Science/SJ)
  • RRS 330 / SOC 330 Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the US: Class, Gender, and Nation (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ)
  • RRS 460 / COUN 450 AIDS and People of Color in the US (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ) 
  • RRS 580 / LTNS 580/SOC 580 Educational Equity (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ)
  • RRS 625 Mixed Race Studies: Comparative Focus (UD- D: Social Sciences / AERM, SJ)
  • RRS 650 Race and Educational Inequity in Communities of Color
  • RRS 655 Comparative Border Studies: Palestine and Mexico (AERM, ES, GP, SJ)
  • RRS 670 / HIST 462 Making Whites: Race-making in America
  • RRS 680 Issues in Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • RRS 685 Projects in Teaching Ethnic Studies
  • RRS 690 Methods in Race and Resistance Studies
  • RRS 697 Field Research or Internship in Ethnic Studies
  • RRS 699 Independent Study 


Other Considerations

Total Units: 19-21
50% of these units must be upper division (300-level and above)